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From startups to multinationals, ICV Finance helps listed and unlisted companies to express their values and optimize their value by allowing them to build or refine their positioning, define and deploy their strategy.
We help decision-makers to identify the most relevant innovation, the best investment opportunity. Our evaluations help you to engage in young projects and increase market transparency.
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For whom? For whom? How? How? And why is that?

Project leaders
Whether your project is already launched or in your head, the support allows you to frame, fix and secure your start. Because the more we know each other, the better we understand each other, we like to cultivate long-term relationships of trust with our customers, large and small. We favour listening and collaborative exchange to develop projects that are similar to you and precisely meet your needs
Micro-entrepreneurs, freelancers, very small businesses....
Supporting small structures allows you to benefit from the recommendations of experts who have already faced your problems.
Companies, Executives, Decision-makers, Sector Heads....
The support is also aimed at companies already established to enable them to analyse and optimise their actions.
A devotee of tailor-made, ICV Finance is driven by the know-how and personality of its consultants, who combine high-level experiences in the fields of finance and communication, to offer each of its clients involvement, motivation efficiency on a day-to-day basis.
Did you know that there is an 85% risk that a startup will die in the first 3 years following its creation, so following our recommendations, this figure drops to 20% today (tested on more than 2,000 companies since 2011).
Trust us and let's talk about it!
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After more than 3,000 client cases, ICV Finance wishes to share its experience and know-how with its clients.
ICV Finance is the agency that supports the development of startups, very small businesses and key accounts. Every day, our off-site consultants provide highly operational advice and support business leaders towards success.

Our partners

Since 2015, ICV finance has established close links with trusted partner companies that can help us support our clients towards success.
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Many ecosystem stakeholders have understood and are involved in the valuation of organizations
Chartered Accountants and their ordinal bodies
Orders and councils of the different countries.
The public authorities
preservation of the SME fabric and employment, development aid
Financing advice
Financial analysis, at the top of the balance sheet, in the transfer and valuation of companies, mergers and acquisitions, turnarounds, and their professional associations.
Employers' organisations
To guide their members towards innovative and high value-added solutions....
Trade registers by country
Organizations mobilized on the prevention of business difficulties.
The financial sphere
Such as crowdfunding, loans, cluster financing by country....
Chambers of commerce and industry by country
Each country has its own specificities.
Helps to protect their intellectual property rights regardless of the country
The auditor and their ordinal bodies
Duty to alert, assessment of the risks carried by their customers on their own customers, suppliers, partners, competitors... stakeholders regardless of the country.


The WOI Business Club is a network of VSE/SME managers from all sectors of activity who develop their network in a qualitative and professional way. This business network was created in 2015 by ICV Finance to enhance the value of its ecosystem (customers, suppliers and partners). A real meeting place, it encourages exchanges between entrepreneurs, synergies and the signing of new deals. Come and discover the club.... 
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